Quality Assurance Testing Ensures the Success of Meeting Client Expectations

Published: 16th December 2011
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Offshore software testing procedures and methodologies are practiced by highly qualified and learned technocrats to make sure the requirement predefined by the client are being implemented in the final end product. Software development process includes application testing as one the prime activities that are performed to ensure software reliability and quality. Goal of quality assurance testing is to ensure that software is bug free and meets the requirements specified by client. Bug is the deviation from standard requirements as specified by the client during requirement gathering or inception phases of software development cycle. Quality assurance and testing aims at compliance of software development processes, best practices and methodologies as specified by industry wide known standards and frameworks like CMMi. Offshore Software testing is done by two means: Automated and Manual. Automated testing include running test scripts using tools which perform end to end software functionalities and features test with the click of mouse. Some of the well-known offshore software testing tools include HP QYP, Loan runner etc. Manual testing includes writing test scripts one by one and then executing those and creating test report for defect removal.

Outsourced software testing services in India provides services various fortune 500 companies to ensure all customer requirements solution are satisfied and tested well. The software development testing services they provide include quality assurance/testing, verification and validation testing, this also may include defect management, business flow testing etc. Quality assurance testing ensures the software will be delivered as per the agreed specification. There are vendor in India that provide highly robust testing services and make sure client business requirements are met. In agile software development QA testing technocrats are involved for the start. QA testers are assigned to monitor and manage the fluid errors and bottleneck that need to be checked. The software solution is usable and functioning towards accuracy are some of the answers quality assurance testing delivers. Bugs are not only the problems that occur in a software solution, the end product not matching as per the client usability can cause a huge problem; therefore other type of testing then code is also important. Client must make sure QA testing is practiced as it will help him analyzing its business goal before the end product, performance will determined in the testing and delivering quality end solution.

Application testing in includes testing of GUIs i.e. graphical user interface. Ensuring quality assurance testing of GUIs is little challenging due to complex looping. Application testing ensures that application performance and quality in terms of meeting requirements is apt and up to the mark.

There are many testing methodologies which are adopted by various offshore software testing providers but prime methodologies include White box and Black box testing. Black box testing techniques which are practiced includes testing application functionalities and setting parameters for input and output. White box testing include testing of internal line of code which or internal data structures. Offshore Software testing techniques are generally indicated with two approaches bottom up and top down. Bottom up testing procedure implies when testing is started form the least point of component, there is a continuous process of testing for the least component unlit is becomes important feature. Testing of basic test blocks is called Unit which can be as small as a button or a text field, next level of testing of modules and then building them up to form the complete system. Testing of modules take place to check the outputs and then these modules are aggregated and tested collectively as a system. This is also known as End to End testing. Top down testing include testing the system and then breaking it down to modules and testing it till the smallest possible test unit. Last level of testing is known as user acceptance testing or UAT in which user tests the software and gives acceptance if found as per the expectationís.

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